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Baby Shower Bake Off January 26, 2010

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 Part of the reason I decided to start blogging was because of all the positive feedback I received for the crafts and dessert I made for my cousin Janelle’s baby shower.  My husband suggested that I start keep a record of all the crafts and food that I have been making.  I wish I would have taken more pictures of what I was doing but here it is in a nutshell: diaper cake, painted chocolate molds, chocolate sun suckers and sun and baby onsie sugar cookies.

Diaper Cake

Before shopping for Janelle I asked myself “What do parents of a new baby need more than anything else?” I came up with DIAPERS!  Instead of just giving her a pack of diapers, I made Janelle a diaper cake.  Diaper cakes are a really unique and practical gift.  My cake used approximately 100 size one diapers.  I was able to completely customize the look of the cake.  The baby shower theme was “You are my sunshine”.  I rolled the diapers into a three-tiered cake and wrapped a bright yellow ribbon around each layer.  I used baby bottles on the inside of the layers to stabilize the cake.  I added a painted sun to the front of each layer.  For the cake topper I made baby sock roses that I stuck into the open baby bottle at the top of the cake along with some filler flowers.  I thought it turned out pretty cute for my first diaper cake!

Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

Keeping with Janelle’s baby shower theme I made sun and baby onsie sugar cookies.  The cookies themselves came out great.  I found that it you refrigerate the cookie cut outs before you bake them they keep their shape better. 

The royal icing was another story.  The first batch I made was too thin.  The next batch I made was too thick.  I just could not seem to find the middle ground.  In the end the cookies came out looking pretty darn cute.  In a few weeks I am making more baby shower cookies for my Aunt Colleen to take to a shower.  I found a new sugar cookie and royal icing recipe that I want to try.  Depending on which cookies I think taste better I will post a recipe for the sugar cookies and royal icing.  On this next batch I am going to take a ton of picture while I am making them and once they are done. 

Hand Painted Chocolates

This was not my favorite thing I did for Janelle’s shower.  Hand painting with different colored chocolates took some getting used to.  I started to get better towards the end but I can definitely put off making any more of those for a while.  I did really like making the painted chocolate covered pretzels.  They were a huge hit, especially with Nate’s niece Faith!